In 2015 The Rebel Pavilion was built near the Horse and Pony barns at the LaPorte County Fairgrounds. The Rebel Pavilion honors our happy memories of our beloved daughter, Hanna Helen Ohlund, who we tragically lost in August 2013. The pavilion was Phase I in a larger vision which was made possible by the generous donations of our friends and family, many volunteer hours and a great partnership with Tonn and Blank Construction. In 2016 Phase II was completed with the addition of much-needed bathrooms and a new concession area. The LaPorte County Highway Department, Tonn and Blank Construction, Hill Mechanical, Paul Construction, DA Dodd and many generous volunteers and donors came to the call and made this Phase II project a reality.

Now we look to Phase III…

The LaPorte County 4-H Horse and Pony Club currently rents stalls to house the member’s horses in the hoop barns during fair week. We are dedicating all 2017 monies raised to purchasing portable stalls needed to fill these two barns. Having the barns equipped with stalls will be a huge asset to the LaPorte County Fairgrounds facility in moving towards bringing in larger breed horse shows and other animal events to our area, benefiting the entire LaPorte community

Our family has been involved in the LaPorte County 4-H Horse and Pony Club for 45 years. The LaPorte County Fair is officially our family’s favorite week of the summer. Honoring Hanna and her pony, Rebel, with these projects helps bring joy to our heartbreaking loss. While the Rebel Pavilion is a lasting reminder of the happy memories we made with Hanna and Rebel, it is our hope that it will bring other 4-H Horse and Pony families together to make their own lasting memories for years to come

In order to complete Phase III, we are asking for your support. On June 16, 2017 Heston Supper Club will sponsor The 2nd Annual Hanna Ohlund Memorial Golf Outing. Listed below are several ways you can help us at The Hanna Ohlund Memorial Golf Outing. With your help we will help complete Phase III for all families, friends, and supporters of 4-H Horse and Pony, while honoring our happy memories of Hanna